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  Stark's Moulder Group includes surfacing, profiling and grooving cutters with common diameters for easy setup. Click on the link below for information:
Cabinator Production Door Set
TH08 Surfacing Heads
TH29 Stacked Planing Heads
TH72 Spiral Surfacing Heads
TH73FS Plannex Surfacing Head & TH75FM Reference Engraver
THSP Reference Engraver
TH02 Edging/Rebating Cutter with Alternate Shear
TH03 Edging/Rebating Cutter 
TH09 Adjustable Groover
TH23 Adjustable Groover
TH17 Multiangle Edging Cutter
TH18 Guide Groove Heads
TH34 Rounding & Chamfering Heads
TH45 Multiprofile Heads
Multiprofile Knives & Backing Plate Pricing
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